Acne Got You down? Joy has your answer!

​Certified Acne Specialist + Founder, Joy Pfister

Have you ever started using acne products and they worked for about three weeks and then you started breaking out with blackheads again? This is because your skin actually got used to the products. If you allow your skin to get too used to products, you will never get rid of Acne. Join us inside our studio, where Joy has created a new space, Richmond Acne Specialists, where she meets with clients and becomes your skin care coach.

Joy has spent the last 12 years working with skin as a makeup artist, and growing

FBJ Weddings .After years of instructing her team on her love of skin care, designing her own products, and being the top choice for brides with challenging acne prone skin, Joy has opened her love of working with acne prone and challenging skin to everyone. Gaining additional credentials as a State Licensed Esthetician, and Certified Acne Specialist she has

recently opened Richmond Acne Specialists within our studio space.

Let Joy guide you in the best way to get clear skin. Making an appointment with her is easy!

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