Bridal Trials

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

It is the question we probably get most often by our brides.

When should I book my trial? But let me back up a little bit to explain what is a bridal trial and why you should consider having one.

A Bridal Consultation or Trial is a Preview the look you are considering for your wedding day. Hair and makeup trials are an important part of achieving your desired look for your wedding day. It's a time to meet and create a relationship with your stylist, define your unique style, and really begin to envision what you will look like on your special day!

When should you do your bridal makeup and hair trial?

Three-six months before your wedding date should give you enough time and you will get an email from us at 6 months to begin planning a time frame. Since you might be testing out a few different styles, the trial may end up being more of a testing appointment and maybe that is what we should rename it- in my humble opinion. Pairing this session with a bridal portrait or engagement session can be difficult. If you are playing with different hair styles, and makeup ideas- your hair will become less than perfect. It might be better to schedule a separate session for your bridal or engagement session - for hair and makeup that is picture perfect.

I recommend that you do not come to your appointment and expect to leave looking exactly like the wedding day- if you are going to play with hair styles and makeup looks. This is the time to test out and try different ideas, that will ultimately lead you to your wedding day look. Your stylist has to recreate everything from scratch on the wedding day, so looking exactly like your consult or leaving your consult exactly like you will look on the wedding day- should not be an realistic expectation, unless you are only trying one style of hair and one makeup look and stopping there. You should aim to work with your stylist on your ideas and overall make decisions about your wedding day look. That should be the end goal.

How long does each service take?

Each service (makeup or hair) takes about one hour.

Hair and Makeup trials take about two hours, and you will be talking about your ideas.

Is dirty hair better?

Many people wonder if their hair should be dirty for styling. Freshly washed squeaky clean hair, as a rule, is not the easiest to work with, but that definitely doesn't mean that you should go days without washing your hair. You should arrive with fairly clean DRY hair. If that means you wash your hair the night before that is fine.

Arrive Clean Face

Show up with a fresh face. Moisturizer is okay- but nothing else. Once you decide on a look,take a photo! Your stylist will take notes, but even at that, if your trial is months before your wedding, it's easy to forget details.

Can I bring someone?

Right now during COVID Season- we are asking that no one come with you. As a general rule, we ask that you bring no more than one person, so that you are able to focus your own opinions and ideas with your wedding day artist.

What time of week?

99% of our Consultations/Trials are done during the week between the hours of 9am-5pm. We can not accommodate consultations on the weekends- as our lead artists are working weddings, if they are not on weddings, our leads are working in our salon. They will take a consultation on a weekend IF they are not on a wedding. It is not easy to find a weekend date with many of our leads, so please plan way ahead to find a weekday that you may be off. I am always happy to check multiple dates if you send them over. This is in all of our paperwork as well, so you are well aware of this before you book. If you live out of state I recommend staying an extra day to Monday and doing your trial on a Monday or Friday.

Have questions?

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