Fall Brazilians and Bikinis

We have been told that we have the "BEST WAX" and I really appreciate that! I spent 1.5 years searching and trying different wax companies and blends. Always something that we didn't love. Finally- my search ended when we brought in the Chocolate and Pumpkin pie waxes. We fell in love! The Chocolate wax really does smell like chocolate and fills up the room with its lofty and lovely sent. The Pumpkin Pie, actually does not have a strong smell at all, so if you are not partial to Pumpkin- not to worry.

Chocolate Wax HIGHLIGHTS:

"Best wax I have ever used and perfect for Sensitive Skin"


  • This wonderful formula is malleable and elastic;

  • Applies at a low temperature;

  • No strip formula;

  • Does not break or crack;

  • Sticks to the hair and not the skin, therefore less painful and more gentle then other waxes;


Best Wax! Amazing! Truly no other wax is as high quality, effective, and yet so gentle!

-Abbie M.

  • Environmentally friendly (100% biodegradable and compostable),

  • Gentle on skin and tough on hair of ALL types. 

  • Fine peach fuzz?  No problem!  Thick coarse curlies? No problem!

Easy book online! The Studio RVA


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