Get that Wedding Day Glow in our Spray Tan Room

We hear all the time- almost every bride-to-be says: "I'm going to be so much tanner on my wedding day." Brides almost always feel the need to warm up their skin tone before the big day, and when done in a safe, healthy way, it can be a great idea! Before that big day a spray tan with us is without a doubt one of the bridal week fav's. We work with brides all of the time, making us experts in bridal spray tanning!

When a bride-to-be has her first tan with us at The Studio we always discuss the dress; how much skin is showing? Will the hair be up? Have they spray-tanned before? What were the results? Most brides always say they want a natural color.

The first thing we recommend is to have at least one tanning trial with us. We start with a solution that is light and has a low percentage of the tanning agent DHA. Once the color is washed off, gauge the tan in natural light. Then inspect the finish on the skin every day. Most brides prefer the tan on day two. This is then a great time to have your consultation/ trial with your artist as well!

DO...start exfoliating your skin and completing your hair removal a week before the wedding. additionally: wait 24 hours in between waxing and any self-tan application—this will ensure the hair follicles have settled to aid in a perfect finish. Prior to application, remove all products like deodorant, perfume, etc.

DO...stick to just one professional spray tanning application for your final look. You don’t need any extra sessions to “build up” color. Skin naturally sheds over about ten days, so all you would need to do in between is apply a light self-tan at home to maintain and boost the color.

DON'T...go in the sun before your big day and get burned. Continue protecting your skin by wearing sunscreen.

DO...use only your favorite moisturizer on the day of your wedding day.

So is it time to get set up for your first spray tan with us? Email me or book online!


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