Introductions and an Amazing Full Year at Our New Place

May 1st! - An amazing full year at our new place with all of our extended beauty services

An unparalleled beauty collective

and so I thought an introduction was in order- I should do these at least once a year - right? LOL :)

This company is such a huge passion for me, and truly represents my heart and soul.

Hi! I am Joy. The one you have been emailing, and chatting with. The one that will plan beauty with you throughout your wedding planning process! The one you can talk pre-bridal beauty services with and the one that will coordinate your beauty team from day 1!

The one that started this whole thing as Faces by Joy in 2009 (FBJ)! This company is such a huge passion for me, and truly represents my heart and soul. I want each bride to feel like a personal friend of mine walking through our doors and chatting via email.

I feel privileged and honored to have a space that allows me to live my dream.

Growing this business into a beauty collective has been amazing- we now offer so many services that any bride or client can take advantage of Before the Big Day!

Waxing, Spray Tanning, Skin Care, Teeth Whitening, Facials, Lash Extensions, Salon Services, Boudoir Photography and more!

I am grateful and humbled by our brides past, present and future who have made this whole dream possible. Our clients are what makes us who we are, and it is as simple as that.

I am blessed to work alongside such an incredibly talented group of individuals who allow me to lead them on a daily basis.

I am excited you are here with me and with us, and I can not wait to open these doors and begin seeing all of you coming in for consultations and beauty services soon!

Joy 💕

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