How to get your skin gloooooowing with Skin Actions by Joy

Skin Actions is my personal Bridal Skin Care collection. In each of my Bridal Skin Care Collections, I have what I consider to be the most important items in the journey to the Big Day of Glow. These skin rejuvenation collections provide for gentle exfoliation and cellular renewal of facial skin, neck, and decollete.

Today I am talking about our Illuminate Collection, Wipe. Join me as I walk you through the ingredients and how our wipe can begin to make a big change in your skin!

My thoughtful, meticulously hand-cultivated collections, will:

*Illuminate and brighten and restore skin radiance

*Gently eliminate dead skin cells & tighten pores

*Minimize uneven skin pigmentation and provide a noticeable improvement in the skin’s texture and appearance.

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