What Happens When COVID-19 Forces Me To Change My Wedding Date?

Growing this business has been my dream and passion. I love every minute of seeing our brides smile and cherish each of our brides with my whole heart. When this first hit, I like many found myself in shock. This really couldn't be happening. In my being, I could not imagine a world where weddings could not take place. Where contact with people would be forbidden. 

As a trained health care professional myself, I have taken a lot of time educating our teams each on bacteria and infection control.

It is a part of our yearly training and we take it very seriously.  The importance of providing a safe experience for our brides and bridal parties is very high on our agenda. 

This was an unstoppable invisible enemy and forced on us like a wildfire- raging out of control. 

The first wave of emails hit and my heart broke. It shattered into pieces, such that I physically had chest pains. Pains for our brides, pains for our team of ladies that make a living from providing beauty services- that they would be out of a job for months. 

I have to say- in short- our brides have been nothing short of amazing. Beyond really. Each email I opened was full of grace, kindness, and uncertainty- I could feel the sorrow and pain weaving through each written word. My only thought was - how can I help. 

I spent hour after hour the first week, answering emails night and day- as fast as they came in, I responded. I prayed that I could move each wedding to a new date that we could still accommodate.

To this date - even after wave two- we have been able to reschedule each of our brides to a new date and provide nearly the same team members on each one. I have had brides even offer to pay their bill in full if that would help -and that brought and still brings tears to my eyes. I can only express my gratitude towards our brides in this time for their support of our business and graciousness.

I worked to move all weddings to new dates without penalty and will continue to do so. I have also updated our contracts to reflect that in the future you can transfer your wedding to a new date if an emergency were to arise.

Good can come of this mess.

Look at some dates that you may not have thought of that you can keep your vendors together.

What dates are best? What about Friday or Sunday? These days are so under booked - and they are soooo amazing! Imagine spending all weekend with your family and friends - bonfires, and girl time, to get married on a Sunday afternoon after a morning of intimate prayer or early morning yoga? How about a Friday Cheers wedding in which you get to then wake up with the love of your life and have a big country breakfast with your family and friends Saturday morning before they leave.

Then enjoy a day together exploring a winery and a romantic Saturday night dinner in a swanky restaurant.  A full weekend of wedding time! These other days provide you with many experiences you might have missed before. An entire wedding weekend experience.

Over all, please, be kind to all of your vendors. It is not easy- when you are feeling angry, blue, and let down. But friends, this love of yours is so much stronger than COVID -19. You have never let anything hold you back before, so once the shock is over, the sun will rise, and prayers will be answered. It is just going to take a little more time than you initially planned for, and maybe this second planning phase will lead to something extra special.

Please reach out if we can help in anyway. I am here for you.



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