When to Wax?

Updated: May 2

We recommend brides start three months out from their wedding date to schedule their first appointment with our wax expert.

In most cases, our wax specialist will recommend an appointment every three weeks for the three months leading up to your big day. You will get the bests results if you stay on a consistent schedule and use the products recommended by us :).

When you follow this regimen, your skin will be smoother and more beautiful than ever before, and your wax reservation will be a relaxing me-time experience you look forward to every couple of weeks.

In the short and long term, waxing before the wedding will allow for hair growth to become softer and sparser. Most of our ladies are surprised at how quickly their hair changes when they stick to a schedule, and the results only get better and better the longer you do it.

Our Brides benefit from waxing every two weeks for a bikini line and every three to four weeks for a Brazilian bikini service. This allows the proper amount of time for regrowth. Allow for several days between the final waxing and the big event to allow any sensitivities to calm down.

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