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I started FBJ WEDDINGS as Faces by Joy with a dream in 2010 to do beautiful makeup for brides. My love of makeup and skin care has never stopped. Teaching new team members about makeup and skin care for 10 years. Self education and classes - learning all of the time. I wanted more still. Over the years, as we have been seeing brides in studio, I would often be the one called on to work with brides that had more challenging skin. Acne scaring, post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation, cystic and inflamed skin. I would endlessly research for the best outcomes using a variety of products to best techniques to help brides on their wedding day. I absolutely fell in love with creating beautiful results even for the most challenging skin problems.

It was just in 2019 that I found Esthetics. I jumped in with both feet. A demanding challenge for me on multiple levels, still running a full time business, moving to a larger location in the middle of it, being a mom and -now a student, it was beyond inconceivable at times, that I could actually be juggling everything I was doing. There were road blocks, and many times I was not sure that I would actually be able to finish. So many road blocks. Fighting to get something so special to me. Until the very end. Until now.

When the license from the State of Virginia comes in the mail, declaring you an Ethethician- and you have fought thick and thin to accomplished it- the feeling is indescribable.

Many people have asked me what I wanted to do with my licence and the answer is easy for me! I have already become a Certified Acne Specialist! I want to continue to help clear skin, and create beautiful skin! I have created an Acne Centre at The Studio and I have several acne case studies I have personally been working with. Through client education, biweekly assistance and assessments, and a continued plan to success, our clients have seen amazing improvements!

One of our September brides.

One of our High School Teenagers

I am looking forward to continued use of my knowledge to help acne clients without use of harsh medications. Let me teach you how to beat acne- I am eager to help you clear your skin, reduce inflammation and cysts and help get rid of those red /brown spots left over after your acne clears.

If you are looking for help with your skin, give me a shout! I would love to have you come see us in our Acne Centre!


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