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Pricing Collections

Our collections aim to alleviate the stress of wedding planning by providing a comprehensive package that fulfills all your beauty needs. What makes our collections exceptional is their flexibility—you can either stack them or add to them. Book your base package with ease and enhance it by adding services à la carte or stacking another collection later. It's simple and hassle-free!

✔️Simple Booking

✔️Simple Stacking

✔️Simple Additions

Pricing Collections Guide

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"Booking my base package was a so easy, and I loved the option to enhance it further by adding services à la carte. It's truly simple and hassle-free, making the entire process a delight. FBJ has definitely exceeded my expectations with their innovative approach to beauty services!"-


Amanda F.

Embarking on the journey of planning my wedding, I was overwhelmed with choices. However, discovering FBJ's new collections was an absolute game-changer! Love they are easy to understand, and stack options later. FBJ truly understands the modern bride's needs, making the entire experience simple. 


Ella L.

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